Hey! How's it going? I’m Trevor, and I’d like to tell you a little about myself. I grew up in Kamloops, BC, riding my bicycle, getting lost in the mountains, and playing hockey, as back in the day getting dirty was the cool thing to do. In 2002 I moved to Victoria and joined the Canadian Navy. During my time there I grew as a person and began taking photographs of my experience. My last big trip with the Navy was in 2006, cruising the Pacific for four months through Hawaii, Japan, China, Korea and Alaska with a simple point-and-shoot in hand. People started mentioning that I had an eye for photography, so I decided to explore and open up my creative side. Leaving the Navy in 2009, I spent a year focusing on my life. After this, I was lucky enough to attend the Professional Photography program at Victoria's Western Academy of Photography where I was taught and pushed by professionals and mentors, Mitch Stringer, Andrea Kucherawy and Garth Lenz to move in the direction I needed to go. Being a down-to-earth type of guy, I have always enjoyed being surrounded by people. Recently, I was asked to be apart of a printed book, Pursuit of Portraits Spring 2017 Magazine. This is, and still is a true accomplishment to me. The truth about people, is that everyone is different and that’s exactly what I love. Once I get to know you, I become a friend, allowing me to create the kind of photographs I’m best known for: moments of genuine emotion and connection as unique as you.