⤺ hey, that’s me!

I have always been into meeting other humans and finding out about their personal lives. The better I know someone, the better I can work through the camera to capture who they truly are. This is why I have focused my photographic work towards portraits and this style is reflected in my both my stills and street photography. I enjoy a good chuckle but making others laugh is a huge joy of mine. I love the connection that happens when I meet friends and clients to discuss photo shoots. It is much more meaningful than trying to explain something or discuss ideas over email or text messages which seems very disconnected. And I know a better photo shoot will happen as a result. I guess that is truly what inspires me; connecting with others and inspiring them through the images I capture.

I started shooting film in high school, and still dabble today. I like that there is no “delete” option and the “frozen in time” sensibility of film. My career has been all about portraiture, lifestyle, fashion and still photography. I am always learning, and teaching myself new techniques to make myself a better photographer. Interestingly, I’ve found it helps me grow as a human as well.

I don’t just want to be great, I want to be one of THE greats….

Your friend + photographer, Trevor Ball

All art can be purchased from my Street images. Printing is done with a dear friend, Terry Zlot with The Print Lab. Terry and I met during my time at Western Academy of Photography while teaching me the fundamentals of making a print for what it’s worth, and to pay attention to details. All images are printed on Ilford Metallic & Hahnemule Photo Rag Metallic papers from his beautiful machines to be shown perfectly on your wall, whether it’s your bathroom, bedroom, living room, or hallway.