little about myself…

Photograph courtesy of Julia Marie Loglisci.

I have always been into some type of art, whether it be doodling on my mother’s paper when I was younger, to being the main character in my past in high school drama class, or picking up a camera and showing people what I can see through an image. I started out shooting film, and yes, I still do in my hobbyist times, but moved on into digital photography. People mentioned to me that had an “eye” for it, so I eventually picked up a digital camera and dove in. I wanted to learn from the greats, but put my own twist on my craft of the art. Fortunately I was able to attend Western Academy of Photography and that steered my look on photography into the direction I needed to go. I am aiming my career towards publications, lifestyle, fashion and still photography. I am always learning, and teaching myself new steps to make myself better as a photographer, and as a person.

Book - Read This If You Want To Take Great Photographs Of People - Henry Carroll

Little Robot - Lovebot

Decor - Paboom

All art can be purchased from my Art section. Printing is done with a dear friend, Terry Zlot with The Print Lab. Terry and I met during my time at Western Academy of Photography while teaching me the fundamentals of making a print for what it’s worth, and to pay attention to details. All images are printed on Ilford Metallic & Hahnemule Photo Rag Metallic papers from his beautiful machines to be shown perfectly on your wall, whether it’s your bathroom, bedroom, living room, or hallway.